Destiny Dixon Bikini Top Off for Photoshoot in Malibu

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I'm not sure if this is work for the next calendar season or what, but somebody is shooting a whole lots of hot girl skin on the beach in Malibu of late. Today's in front of the camera sextastic, mature themed film star and all around ridiculously hot bodied Destiny Dixon looking ridiculously hot in a bikini, and even hotter when her top comes off to release her brilliant funions to the gods of beach and sky.

Now I know the Europeans are much more accustomed to bare funbaggery at their public beaches, but I'm guessing those around the beach in Malibu still felt that naughty tingle I love so much when they spotted Destiny taking off her top surfside. That usually is the time I let my dog run loose and pretend to be chasing him so I can get a better look at the unleashed yams of favorites like Destiny Dixon. Good work, ladies. Enjoy.

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