Destiny Dixon Loses Her Bikini Top Just in Time for the Cameras in Malibu

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You know, I never question what anybody does to pay the rent. Unless they're an adult film star, then I have tons of questions. Not moral mind you. More like, could you show me how you did that thing with your legs above the crocodile tank with those guys? Destiny Dixon would have me asking a whole bunch of questions given her body of work, or, work of her body. But today I'm mostly just glad her bikini top came off during this provocative bikini photo shoot in Malibu.

Now, there happen to be many mature themed film stars living and hanging about Malibu. We're rarely fortunate enough to see them actually baring their bodacious bodies on the beach, More often seen wearing sunglasses in the produce section at Ralph's. So this is a treat indeed. A pornoriffic sweet teat treat. Bless you, Destiny. Enjoy.

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