Ebonee Davis Topless Treats Delivered in Black and White Terry Richardson Home Shoot

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I'm not sure Ebonee is her given Christian name, but the model who goes by Ebonee Davis, hailing from Seattle, can call herself Bob for all I care with how wicked hot and alluring she is on camera, most especially without her clothes on this Terry Richardson photoshoot. I'm pretty sure this shoot was from before earlier this year when the mini-scandal broke around Terry Richardson and potentially some of his shooting studio private overreaches. Not that has stopped his continuing work, that career lucky bastard.

At times we get letters asking why we don't have more gorgeous women of color featured on these pages. Trust me when I say that I am completely infatuated and belusted by women from all around the globe, from all backgrounds, creeds, colors, and funbag sizes. But we bring you the best of what is out there, I can't really control what is out there to be had. I wish photographers and magazines and Hollywood in general would seek to increase the rainbow visual flavor of hotties as opposed to just traditional looks. I beg them to do so. Until such time, we will continue to do our best to bring it to you all, not for any socially progressive reasons, but just in the greater name of the sextastic, which is hardly dominated by any one look or land. Enjoy.

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