Emily DiDonato Topless Wicked Hotness Behind the Scenes Of Her Armani Perfume Shoot

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Maybe it's not perfume, I can't really tell and I don't understand French words for products, but our belusted New York model hottie Emily DiDonato looks absolutely sextastic in this peek behind the scenes of her pimping shoot. Now, the photos used in the campaign will surely be covered topless, and, damn, there is on very lucky plant in this shoot, but Emily was obviously topless and revealing her picture perfect funbags during much of this shoot, a vision of hottie delight we can share in today.

Emily, you transform from lovely, to lovelier, to topless loveliest during the course of your shoot. That's the progression we love to see from our objects d' lust. Next time, let's move that shoot to my balcony, I have lots of inflatable pool toys and a table full of creams and lotions we can test out for an even more slippery shoot. You are simply incredible. Enjoy.

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