Humpday Huzzah! Jenni Gregg Topless Boudoir Photos A Triumph of the Human Spirit

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I love when you guys write letters. I read every single one of them. I understand maybe half. But I always appreciate the fiery passion, most especially those crayon written screeds about how I'm a blind half-breed for not recognizing the hotness of so-and-so before today. Those letters always kind of remind me of how my dad would come into my room at night to remind me I'd never succeed in life then he'd laugh like he didn't mean it, but light one of my Transformers on fire to make sure I knew he did. Crazy dads.

But, every now and then, I'm forced to agree with guys like EgoReader 'Don' who has me pegged for the lunar penitentiary for not sooner recognizing the ridiculously hot body of lingerie and glamorous nekkid model Jenni Gregg. I'm guessing that last name is probably somewhat manufactured given that Jenni is the Pride of Prague, yet another wicked sextastic Czech girl who's been released into the world to deliver passion inducement among the male of the species.

On Wednesdays, we celebrate reaching the hump of the week by burrowing our faces virtually into the chests of some of the most come-hither looking hotties around the globe. Don, you are correct, sir. Jenni belongs on the Yearbook Committe with the other fine ladies. Huzzah!

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