Humpday Huzzah! Keir Alexa Wohlman Is Long and Lean and Tall and Topless in Russell James Shoot for Treats

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If you happen to love sultry Miami models who stand nearly six feet tall in their stocking feet, preening, bending, and posing topless for some epically alluring camera work, then you just might lust Keir Alexa Wohlman, featured in this new Russell James pictorial for Treats magazine. Keir is just wicked hot and long and lean and all kinds of passion inducing. I'm not even going to get into her perfect nipples, because I could write a 40-page essay on my love of Keir's gumdrops.

On Wednesday's we like to celebrate the hump of the work week with some of the finest ladies on the planet getting nekkid for your prurient entertainment. Hey, it's that or my Uncle Stu's magic act, which, by the way, he's now legally allowed to perform again at children's birthday parties. I'm assuming you'll take the former. I'd take Keir Wohlman all day long. So hot! Enjoy.

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