Humpday Huzzah! Marissa Nekkid Shower Shoot for American Apparel

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I must admit, I'm not exactly sure where American Apparel runs their more racy nekkid style photos. You don't really see them at the bus stops where the kids hang out. But I suppose using hot nekkid sweetheart models to promote your name is marketing A-plus in the day of Tumblr and social media and viral content. Mostly I've decided to stop asking any more questions and just hope American Apparel keeps coming out with these candid styled topless model shoots to get their name out there. Photos of wicked hot ingenues such as Marissa, just Marissa, in the shower, out in the streets, other urchin type street kid themes to get the kids to buy some expensive hoodies.

On Wednesday's we celebrate the middle of the week and the mid-section of the sextastic ladies we like the most, even the ones pimping merchandise for questionable retailers. We celebrate them all! Huzzah!

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