Izabel Goulart Covered Topless Will Make Your Day

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Ah, Izabel Goulart. You bring so much joy to the world with your amazing bikini body. But these pics of you barely covering your funbags is downright a humanitarian endeavor. In this Miami photo shoot, the Brazilian beauty starts off in a revealing black bikini. That would have been awesome enough on its own. It shows off her cut stomach with just a hint of side boob. But the real treat is her covering one ta-ta with her arm and the other with some strategically placed hair. But her lovely brunette tresses can only conceal so much of her chest puppies. She's also eating a peach. I'm not sure what it is but I do love watching a woman eat a piece of fruit. It doesn't have to be anything phallic like a banana either. Maybe it's the Catholic school associations with the sexy Garden of Eden and original sin and all that. Either way, yes.

I'm not sure what publication this photo shoot is for but I'm buying two copies. You know, in case one gets damaged.

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