Joey Fisher and Leah Francis Are Madly in Teasy Topless Lust

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Oh, sure, the true romantic feelings between busty hotties Joey Fisherand Leah Francis may be faked, but since when do we care about faked emotions? We're men. We do that in our sleep. What is important is the crazy hot visuals of Joey and Leah in their black lingerie rolling around atop and astride one another until those tops come off. Now that's what I call romance.

There is no greater love than that expressed between two beautiful young women while gentlemen oglers stare on in a happy stupor as in this wonderful Zoo magazine pictorial. I'm sure the classic poets used to write all about it. I didn't read much in school. Joey, Leah, if you ever need a place to hang and ply your sextastic friendship fun time activities, just let me know. Mi casa is most definitely su casa. Bring a change of undies. Enjoy.

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