Kangoo Boots? Oh, Yeah, the Girls of Naked News Are Bouncing Around in Those (MUST SEE VIDEO)

I don't often say there's something you absolutely must see, but if you love life and moms and your nation, you will spend a few minutes watching the Flex Appeal segment on Naked News wherein the girls are all stripped out of their clothes and exercising in new space age bouncy boots, and nothing else.

There aren't many things I can assure you you will remember come forty years from now, but this is one of them. It's a forever kind of memory that I encourage you to continue with your own subscription to Naked News for checking out more of their exercise segments and all their other unclothed fun time activities. If you can't take pleasure in hot bodied women doing things nekkid, you might want to get your ticker checked to make sure it's still beating. Enjoy.

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