Katarina Vasilissa Topless Sunbathing for Veteran Hottie Polish Model Leering Time

Unless you happen to follow Polish models through the years, you may not recall glamour model Katarina Vasilissa, or Katarzyna Kozaczyk as she was known back in the 90's when she was modeling for Playboy and before she moved to Italy to become a B-list movie actress. Well, flash forward 15-20 years when Katarina has come to America, Miami specifically, for a little sunshine and beach time recreational time and brought her European attitudes on topless sunbathing right along with her.

Now in her mid 40's, Katarina shows the value of swell genetics and relatively clean living as she pranced about the sandy shores in her bikini and racktastic before returning to her chaise lounge chair for a little topless time for the udders to feel the rays of Mother Sun. Always a treat when a veteran hottie bares her boobtastic for the gentleman oglers along the U.S. beachfronts. Katarina, you look as good as ever. Call me, I can practice my Polish and you can practice saying 'Is that even physically possible?' in English. Enjoy.

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