Kelly Hall and Lacey Banghard Are Surprisingly Smiling About Their the Battle of the Boobtastic

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Some people face the iron throne like Battle of the Boobtastic with dour resolve and intense purpose, others just whip out their beautifully blessed funbags and say, here you go, let's get to it. I admire the bold and bodacious among our hottie denizen, the likes of Kelly Hall and Lacey Banghardwho throw their collective four precious puppies into the mix today so that you might delight in a bit of safe and family friendly sport.

Both of these women are impossibly hot, ridiculously sweet female bodied ladies who you'd kill to find opposite you on your beach blanket this summer. But only one of these ladies can go home with the trophy, while the other must wallow in the self-reflection of second place. But who is the winner and who is the not quite the winner?Whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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