Kristina and Karissa Shannon Fire off Twin Booty Cannons in Beverly Hills

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It's been a while since we've seen the platinum blonde Shannon Twins out and about in the local environs. So leave it to Kristina Shannon and Karissa Shannonto make quite a splash, a big badonkadonk splash, when re-entering the paparazzi universe.

The curvaceous twins were shopping in the fancy shops in Beverly Hills that give me funny looks if I get within fifty feet and bending over seemingly to inspect every item on sale. I'm not exactly sure what made those thumpers of theirs, I'm guessing a combo of Mother Nature and Daddy 90210, but they're impressive lady humps to say the least. I almost want to dare you not to look, but I'd hate for you to lose so easily. Shannon sisters, I give you an A-plus on new first impressions. Enjoy.

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