Lauren Garrison Topless Wonderments in Wolf Magazine Will Make You Howl Like the Dog That You Are

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I don't know, I lost the lupine metaphor there somewhere, but I'm somewhat entranced at the moment by the site of all 5'11" of New York model Lauren Garrison and her incredibly hot body all kinds of topless and unclothed for this Michael Plumridge waterside shoot in the second edition of Wolf Magazine.

I like to think I'm above being jealous of some body of water, but the way that H20 is lapping around the sextastic body of Lauren Garrison, well, water does tend to have a pretty awesome job when in the vicinity of incredibly alluring nekkid women. Nobody suspects water of dirty thoughts. What an excellent cover. Lauren, you are officially on my list of girls I'd let take me to the movies and try to feel me up without so much as a whimper of protest. I know, you're honored. As am I. So damn hot. Enjoy.

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