Lucy Collett Chests Up to Rosie Jones for an Epic Topless Battle of the Boobtastic

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Are you kidding me? Two of my favorite girls in the entire world choosing to do battle in the cage of chesty goodness simply for my prurient viewing pleasure? Wow, talk about feeling like Caesar. It's good to be king. Or emperor. Or Senator something or other. It's mostly just good to have two eyes and one set of... well, you know, when peeking in on the Battle of the Boobtastic between redheaded goodie basket Lucy Collett and young future HOFer in the hotness department, Rosie Jones.

I'm almost sad that one of them must go home unhappy today. But funbag justice must be served. And you must decide, between these two titans of the topless wonderments, whose ta-ta's reign supreme?

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