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Mana Sakura Has Taken Off Her Panties, This Can't Be Good (Or It Could Be Great)

Our latest venture into Eastern seas brings about a treasure of the cute and teasy and quite glamorous boobtastic kind. Mana Sakura, a girl who if I were a teen boy in Osaka, I'd be inviting to my prom right about now. Or, my after-prom party maybe. No real reason to have to pretend to like dancing.

Mana is one of those girls who can pull off the hot nekkid girl in the shower routine without you bothering to ask if she's really taking a shower. She's not, but she did take off her panties, which really is the best kind of cleansing. Mana, you tickle my senses and delight my soul. If only you would let me repay you by allowing me to scrub your back. And, no, that's not a massage toy you're feeling. Enjoy.

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