Melissa Debling Topless Striptease Starts Your Kitchen Burners on a Mammarial Monday

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Consider this a holiday edition of Mammarial Monday. What kind of holiday would it be if we didn't share just one faptastic pair of ridiculously hot funbags courtesy of the outstandingly alluring blonde hottie Melissa Debling and her striptease charms.

I'm sure many people are taking the day off today to celebrate their own recreational time, but not this blogger. No, sir. I'm not letting anybody go ta-ta-less on this Monday even if I have to share these blessedly hot photos of Melissa while nervously watching my ribs in the smoker. I'm always nervous about my pork products. Luckily, Melissa's hot body is like a natural Xanx, causing waves of anxiety to flee from my body as I imagine being a newborn again suckling on those perfect feeders. Ah, total Zen is achieved. Enjoy.

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