Mr. Skin Celebrates Cinco De Mayo With Mexican Hotties

You know, everybody celebrates the Cinco De Mayo holiday in their own fashion. Personally, I like to throw back a few tequilas until I remember the actual historical significance of the holiday which most every non-Mexican tends to get wrong, but celebrates nonetheless. As for the folks at Mr. Skin, they've delved into their area of expertise by fashioning together clips of Mexican thespianics in the topless and nekkid sin ropas kind of way.

On the off chance you happen to dig hottie Latinas on the big and little screen you might just want to check out the Mr. Skin Mexican Mamacitas playlist and get your own membership to the world's best archive of skin in motion pictures. You can do it before or after the tequilas and the cheesy sombrero you'll be wearing by the fourth one down. Todo el mundo es mexicano el Cinco de Mayo.

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