Nicole Scherzinger Gets Raunchy For Her New Music Video

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The lovely Nicole Scherzinger was having a wet and wild time shooting her new music video in Malibu. She wore a couple of different outfits, each more revealing than the last one. One of them was basically just a lacy bustier set, you know, the kind your girlfriend only wears on your birthday. She covered this with a see through nighty that will give me some sweet dreams tonight. The second outfit is so short that you can see her panties. Because she is rolling around in the surf, the panties are wet and you can almost see through them to her lady bits. The rest of the time she's just hanging out in a towel, presumably because she's naked in some shots. I don't know what song this video is for nor do I really care, it's my new favorite video. I've had a major love for Nicole in my bathing suit area since she was with the Pussycat Dolls. Who can forget their choreographed burlesque dances in their underwear? I can't.

I've always wanted to direct music videos myself but the only offers I ever get are for goofy looking rappers and hipster bands. How do I get the hot girl sex video directing gigs?

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