READER FINDS: Amber Heard Lingerie Sextastic, Cindy Crawford Nekkid, Juno Temple Topless and Much Much More...

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There was so much tender lusting skintastic in the reader email bag today, I near had to use a stepladder just to get to the top letters. Every Friday I feel like Santa toward Christmas, only he has to actually make stuff for everybody who whines about wanting a new toy, we do the reverse here, we whine and you guys send us the hottest of toys. I'm not exactly sure how we ever got so blessed, but I'll assume it's in exchange for something really horrible in a past life, like being a venomous snake or a Kardashian. Either way, we never look a gift horse in the mouth, not when she looks like these ladies we have to share today in a little something we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds includes hottie to trot topless pics of Estella Warren (thank you to EgoReader 'Steven M'), alt brunette hottie Mellisa Clarke in the bubble bath (blessings from 'Keith'), the smoking hot stylings of Noelia Rios (received from the hands of 'Sam P.'), Emily Didonato quite hot and topless (tossed in our yard by 'Chris'), the long legs of Stephanie McMahon (submitted by 'WWEFAN' go figure), Cindy Crawford quite nekkid hot shot by Herb Ritts (jointly transmitted by 'Will S.' and 'Bob J.'), Kat Sheridan topless on the silvery screen (more tidings from 'Benoit'), January Jones hot lingerie in GQ (lovely lovelies via 'Tony'), Amber Heard black and white lingerie goodness (hottie in a wig peeks from 'Stacey'), young Jane March topless in The Lover (ooh la las from 'Smoker'), Asian actress Gangsuji topless and dramatic (Eastern goodies by way of 'Alex T.'), Monica Bellucci in even more topless cinematics (Monica oh Monica contributed by 'Owen'), Mimi Rogers more topless drama (yams of glory provided by 'Dennis C.'), Mini Anden bra hottie in Chuck (big feelings for Mini thanks to 'Gleez'),  Sherrie Rose and Melissa Behr nekkid and fooling around in film roles (lovely ladies touching by 'Eric'), Juno Temple with her own frontal berries (much obliged to 'Corey D.'), our new young friend Luma Grothe in bikini test Polaroids (sweet find from 'Francis'), a double dose of Mena Suvari topless skinematics (she does play the naughty one so well, thanks 'Will R.'), Mindy Robinson fabulous bare funbags (submitted kindly by 'Rose'), Sharon Stone in a more recent role flashing her new hooters (eagle-eyed spied by 'Derek'), Demi Moore severe chest pokies in a commercial (throwback find by 'Early'), and our lovely little Aussie model Zippora Seven with her clothes off once more (sweet teat treats from 'Kimmy'). Now, that is a handful of hotness that tastes good both going down and coming out. Enjoy.

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