READER FINDS: Casey Batchelor Topless, Fran Drescher Topless, Sofia Vergara Smoking Hot, and Much Much More...

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Outside of all dogs and most women, the one thing I truly cherish is a good Friday. Every Friday is a good Friday, especially in summer when the big blockbusters start rolling out, the sun is shining, and liquor continues its 10,000th year of beverage domination. Friday is also the time we open up our industry unparalleled reader email bag. Have you seen the mean and nasty barbs readers on other sites submit? Here I get pictures of hot nekkid women and smiley faces. It's quite a bargain. Then, after a careful screening process for pebbles and dangerous jagged edges, I present them back to you in a little tradition we like to call, Reader Finds.

This week's Reader Finds is a doozy and includes Jennette McCurdy cleavy in latex (thank you to EgoReader 'Ben B.'), Heather Lind topless in Boardwalk Empire (bare funbags via 'Steven'), the impeccably busty Barbara Hershey classically topless (skinematic provided by 'Devon'), Annette Bening in a little throwback ta-day of her own (delightful reverse peeks from 'Stephie'), the glam-glamorous Imogen Thomas topless (delightful delicious DD's via 'Henrik'), Madison Welch and India Reynolds quite topless them own fine selves (puppies dropped off by 'Reg'), Jennifer Connelly topless on the silver funbag screen (ooh la la's delivered by 'Deidre'), Kaley Cuoco sextastically presented in Esquire (love that Kaley, as does 'Rookie'), Julie Warner topless in another classically topless media moment (unexpected teats courtesy of 'Vi'), Maria Flor thespianically topless in her star turn (yum yums via 'Dayton'), Selena Gomez panties peek (submitted by Selena panties loving 'Darren'), Mari Cielo good and topless for the cameras (super full funbags gifted by 'Andrew'), Lucy Collett topless in kinky garb (so much fun by way of 'Terry C.'), Fran Drescher ripe muffins briefly visible but sweet (kudos to 'Edison' on his eagle eye), Michelle Monaghan in one wicked alluring photoshoot (luvs m some Michelle M. donated by 'B. Scort'), Alexa Vega slightly revealing in her role on Tomorrow People (anything Vega is good by me and 'Wendell'), Elizabeth Olsen in her way hot Matt Jones photoshoot ('Aaron L.' also loves  him some Liz Olsen), Isabella Rossellini in her creepy 80's film role (hot and macabre sponsored by 'Denali'), Jamie Lee Curtis topless fun time mams on screen (Jamie's girls presented by 'David G.'), Sofia Vergara sextastic bikini shoot from the 90's (smoking sultry hotness via 'Tony'), Kate Upton in lingerie, enough said (whoa to visual from 'Lisa H.'), Idina Menzel alluring and enticing (she can look mighty fine, as proven by 'Leroy'), Carmen Electra in lingerie and all Sapphic (lesbionic goodness dropped off by 'Elle'), my future adopted mom Michelle Hunziker almost falling out of her top on Wetten Daas (ay, Mami, delivered by 'Sparts'), Paula Bulczynska topless shoot by Dennison Bertram (crazy passion inducing princess pimped by 'Lane'), Native-American model Ashley Callingbull looking all kinds of come hither (provided by the hotness inclusive 'Eli), gloriously hot Nicole Meyer in lingerie (another treat from 'David M.'), Genevieve Morton topless and black and white beachy sextastic (contributed by the beneficent 'John'), Finnish pop star Janely looking busty hot and bothered (Finnish delights via 'Mika' and Janely's publicity team, thanks), Valentina Pegorer topless modeling pics (another combo shot by 'Anzio' and 'David M.'), Charlotte McKinney all blonde and crazy hot (thank you very much to ('J. Franck'), and last, but not possibly least, glamtastic Casey Batchelor showing off her full mams just to make you smile (a big hurrah for 'Chris'). This is our most voluminous Reader Finds ever. Proceed with caution and slippery when wet and all that nonsense. Enjoy.

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