Sports Illustrated Model Martha Hunt Topless Beach Pictorial for Swimsuit Sales in Italia

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Well, hello there European fashion magazine for women where hot models get topless because it's chic. How I do adore your daring do.

American model Martha Hunt won't be seen topless in her Sports Illustrated or domestic magazine shoots, but there she is in all her funbag glory on the pages of Marie Claire Italia showing off for the ladies of The Boot how they might look this summer in their swimsuits at the topless beaches. Maybe a bit smoky on the eye shadow, but, hey, this is a women's magazine. Makeup, accessories, and other nonsense men have little to no time or appreciation to consider.

Still, it's Martha Hunt topless, and with that wicked hot body of hers, well, I'm ready to do a little Italian shopping, from the back of my Vespa, naturally. Enjoy.

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