Tatiana Vazquez Dances Her Topless Way Into Your Heart on a Ta-Ta Tuesday

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Tatiana Vazquez is gaining some notoriety down Argentina way for her reputation as a dancer. Make of that title what you will, but the girl has gained enough Q rating that the good folks at H Para Hombres lads magazine decided it was time to feature Tatiana and her ta-ta's on the pages of their heralded periodical. I must say, she's worth a gander.

While we waver back and forth between the au natural and the slightly less, um, natural, there's no doubt that if you saw Tatiana dancing around your visual range, you'd crank your head in a not so orderly fashion and probably dislocate a few vertebrae. Just something about those blonde saucy Latinas with the curves of what just might be your best vacation memory ever. Tatiana, keep up the good work. Enjoy.

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