Teri Polo Broke But Not Busted and Very Nekkid To Celebrate PlayboyTV's Memorial Day Weekend Free Trial Offer

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Poor Teri Polo. How we loved her in Meet the Fockers. How we will be lusting over these wicked hot nekkid photos of her from her Playboy celebrity pictorial. According to news reports, Teri is deep in celebrity debt doo-doo. Almost unfathomably to imagine any attractive woman struggling, especially with so much talent, not to mention who looks this good nekkid.

Playboy.TV is Free For One Week for the Memorial Day Holiday!

Well, one way not to find yourself in Chapter something or other is to get yourself a super great deal on all your entertainment and recreational outlets. Such as the Free 7-Day Playboy.TV trial to celebrate the holiday weekend.  It's just a few shekels a month after that if you continue. Now, that's frugal. Stay away from the condos in Aspen and the Mercedes and the designer clothes. Hot nekkid girls running across your screen giggling is pretty much all you need to be happy in life. And I guarantee it won't bankrupt you. Enjoy.

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