When Irish Boobs Are Smiling: Georgia Salpa Wicked Hot and Barely Clad in FHM

Georgia Salpa has a body on her that I'd like to find in either my boudoir, my bathtub, or the backseat of my car with a lascivious smile and a finger motioning for me to join her in the back. We'd have to get very close given the size of my foreign import made predominantly out of toothpicks and peas, but cramped would be fine with the bodacious bosom and supremely curvaceous form of this Greek-Irish lass.

Featured in the latest edition of FHM South Africa, Georgia Salpa shows why precisely ten million boys will become young men thinking about her as they flip through the pages of her various photo wonderments. Swimsuits, half shirts, barely there bottoms, and those amazing funbags hardly contained. She has some super powers beyond the mere understanding of mortal men. Especially mortal fapping men. Enjoy.

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