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When the Kimono Drops, Jessica Kizaki Will Leave You Speechless With Her Kitchen Antics

I don't know why Japanese glamour model Jessica Kizaki is taking off her robe and getting naughty in the kitchen, a gentleman never questions the motives of a crazy hot nekkid girl. It's simply bad form. Jessica could start screaming and lighting fires and I'd merely ask her if she'd like more fuel. I'm not a total yes man, but for women with the bare booty allure of this Asian peach, it's the only word I think that would ever slip from my mouth.

With all the upsides of our exploration of the Far East comes the downside of how many lovely ladies I've become smitten with who don't seem to be responding to my fan letters. I suppose I should probably include less stick figure drawings depicting how our first date might go, but I'm not particularly learned in the ways of Japanese character writing. Jessica, let's play pachinko at your place! Enjoy.

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