Zippora Seven Can't Seem To Keep Her Clothes On (Thankfully)

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When I choose a girl to fall deeply in lust with, I don't such decisions seriously. It might seem like some instantaneous anatomical reaction is the judge and jury on such matters. But, nay, there's that, plus a careful examination of the girl's past, present, and future body of work. And Zippora Seven puts all of her body into all of her work.

This hot au natural Aussie model can't seem to keep her clothes on. She loves to model in her most primal state, a state of the sextastic, as in these leer-worthy photos from Jason Lee, more topless treasures from this blonde alt-beauty. Zippora's bare perfect bottom alone could launch a thousand ships to sea and make all the men dream of the day they can return to see her bare nekkid buns once more. If seeing Zippora's nekkid booty planted on a basketball isn't doing anything for you, well, then, you must really hate basketball. Enjoy.

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