Alba Parietti Topless Bikini Sunbathing and Beach Splashing in the Boot

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Somewhere on a beach in Italy, veteran film actress Alba Parietti decided to splash and sunbathe quite topless. Now in her 50's, the former siren of the silver screen gives to her European fans something we don't get to see here in the U.S. -- a chance to see your female heroines topless at the beach. I can only imagine the thrill of running into one of your all-time hotties jiggling about unrestrained at the beach.

Occasionally, sure, we get to spy and peep such occasions, but it's rare. Not like, hey, I think I'll go take a dip in the water right there next to topless Julianne Moore. Okay, that's a bad example because Julianne Moore might just be topless at the beach in the U.S. because she's that awesome, but you get the point.

Alba Parietti, I like your style. You can be the vibrant grandmother in my personal sleep time movie house. Enjoy.

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