Anja Rubik Topless Simply Hotly in iD

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When you're a hot Polish supermodel, you don't need a lot of fancy wardrobe or stage tricks or elaborate sets, just bare your sweet body for the and shoot some monochrome delights. As did iD magazine exhibiting the natural beauty and hot body of Anja Rubik, a European model who has never had qualms about showing off her sweet qualms. Whether she's modeling haute couture or merely just expressing the artistic vision of a photographer, Anja is very comfortable with her body. I am equally as comfortable with her body. I wish I could tell her so in person while she's topless and I'm hoisting the sudsy loofah sponge offering ironically to make her feel dirtier than ever.

My right hand punishes, my left hand succors. At least, that's their public stance. Enjoy.

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