Ann Sophie and Cynthia Lancien Topless Naughty Straps and Garters in Wolf Magazine

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You know how much I love the periodicals dedicated to the fine art of fine women without their clothes on. Wolf magazine really has done an excellent job in demanding attention from the fans of the sextastic and adding some cinematic dramatic twists to their crazy hot lady goodness.

Models Ann Sophie and Cynthia Lancien seem like the kind of girls who would instantly make my rent parties far more successful than the horrific sausage parties they are today. I wonder if they'd come by in those same garters and bustiers. I could probably double my cover charge to two bucks. I do so lust hot women decked out in lacy and bawdy evening wear and lingerie. Hurt me baby one more time. Or twice if it's a Saturday and nobody will notice the bruises. Forget I said that if I decided to run for office one day. Enjoy.

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