Boob Tube Roundup Features Margaret Qualley, That's Andie MacDowell's Hot Daughter (VIDEO)

Definitely some new shows on the little screen this past week, featuring some new beauties, a few old beauties, and a bevy of skin. Most notably, though not quite nekkid, just in her panties and bra, Margaret Qualley, the hot brunette daughter of Andie MacDowell in her big new role in HBO's The Leftovers.

Joining Margaret in the Boob Tube Roundup is Diana Terranova topless in Californication, Lucy Walters topless and making the sexy in Power, and fine female formed Jaime Murray flashing deep cleavage in the tub in Defiance. It's something borrowed, something blue. I won't tell you what's blue, I'm too much of a gentleman. But check out these new bodies, err, faces and bodies. The Boob Tube always giveth. Enjoy.

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