Cailin Russo Topless Wicked Hot Athletic Outtakes from Galore Magazine

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You may know Cailin Russo as the crazy hot girl from the Justin Bieber video last year. But then I'd probably have to ask you how you know Cailin Russo and it would get all uncomfortable and awkward and we could probably no longer be friends. So, going forward, let's just say you know nineteen year old model and singer Cailin Russo from her hot pictorial in Galore magazine, more specifically, her sextastic topless outtakes that will blow your freaking mind. Justin Bieber who?

Shot by hot celebrity photog Randall Slavin, these visual wonderments of Cailin show an up and comer with emphasis on the up. I was going to say emphasis on the comer, but then I'd probably disappoint my dear mom who made me promise never to work blue. Cailin is captured in all her hot natural body glory, with her looks so compelling, even the nose ring that normally bothers me works well on her. I'm in lust! Stop the presses. Or start them, so Cailin and I can be pressed together in a sandwich of pure enjoy.

Photo credit: Randall Slavin / Galore

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