Catrinel Menghia Topless And So Damn Hot I Want to Cry Happy Tears

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It seems like just yesterday I was writing very bad poems about how much I lusted for sultry Romanian goodness goddess Catrinel Menghia. I think it was actually. I lose track of time easily. An offshoot of eating way too much canned tuna fish. Now, like a bolt of lightning from the skies, comes Catrinel Menghia suddenly ridiculously hot and topless in this Jonathan Miller photoshoot. Damn, Catrinel is one fine looking specimen of the fairer sex.

Sometimes, I finally get to see one of my favorite sextastic celebrities without their clothes on and I just go into a catatonic state. Other times, I become quite frenzied and manic. Not knowing exactly how I'll react is all part of the excitement of finally ogling such good looking women showing off their world class bodies. And funbags. There's really nothing better. Enjoy.

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