Celeste Muriega Topless Beach Shots for Memorable Argentinean Goals

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I'm very into World Cup soccer. What can I say. I'm not a big soccer fan in general, and I'm not a bandwagoner, but like the Olympics it's hard not to get caught up in these big every few year international sporting events where the athletes and fans are just going nuts. Heck, I'd watch a badminton match if there was 100,000 fans screaming in the stands and people sliding across the grass in tears every time they whacked a shuttlecock for a win. Something like that.

We've been big fans of Argentinean hottie Celeste Muriega since first we met and gave her body the once or thrice over. Just such a fine Sudamericana female form, now showcased by H Para Hombres magazine at the beach. Just imagine hitting the beach and eye spying Celeste popping topless out of the water. You'd suddenly grow gills. And a gill erection. Hey, we're all animals. Enjoy.

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