Courtney Robertson Bikini Pictures Asstastic Toned and Raring to Go in Los Angeles

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I can't remember if Bachelorette contestant Courtney Robertson ever ended up getting married, or was just engaged, or called things off, or got married then learned the minister was actually a defrocked preacher, whatever script line they came up with in the super real and unscripted play out of that show. I only know I really like to see Courtney in a bikini on the beach here in Los Angeles. She has one of those lean, toned, statuesque bikini bodies that I do believe I'd be willing to beg to help rub sunscreen on to protect her from the rays of El Diablo. Oh, especially that tight little thumper.

Reality shows have dumbed down America to the nth degree, but they've also brought us an entirely new gaggle of hotties to gawk at. I suppose that's a fair trade. Without sappy trumped up garbage like the Bachelorette, Courtney Robertson would just be another no-named sextastic bikini hottie at the beach telling me to take a picture because it'll last longer. This universe is so much better. Enjoy.

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