Diane Fleri Topless Pregnant Bikini Pictures Rile Up My Curved Out Body Fetish

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Diane Fleri is a big time French actress who stars in Italian films and certainly seems to be in a motherly sort of way. Now, I know many of you are uncomfortable at the sight of even a hot woman with child. I on the other hand, and my silent majority million kinky man army, revel in the bodacious and growing curves of the Madonna in advance of the miracle of childbirth. Also, really swollen funbags.

Diane was preening, parading, and floating in the waters off Formentera quite topless and showy. Not that those European beaches aren't traditionally or often topless, just we don't often see the preggo ladies baring their luscious tops when on vacation. Go on, throw your barbs and arrows, I wear your taunts like a badge of honor. Even as a I prepare to lotion up Diane's burgeoning female form. Enjoy.

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