Dillion Harper Topless Entertainment in Manhattan Gentleman's Club

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I haven't been to a gentleman's club in quite some time. It may have to do with my expulsion last time I tried to make it rain in the Champagne Room with rolls of nickels. The nickel truly is the most under-appreciated token of our currency. I guess one of the strippers didn't like it so much when one plunked her in the eye. And, just like that, your VIP status is revoked.

However, I'm pretty sure stripping still goes on. And, as is the custom for big weekends, some of the clubs bring in ringers like mature cinema dramatic arts star Dillion Harper who got out of her bikini but quick over the weekend at a Midtown N.Y.C. gentleman's club. I can't say gentlemanly feelings are the first thing I think of upon seeing Dillions quite perfectly maintained female form, but mostly wondering how to afford $20 drinks and still have singles left over for kitty come hither game time. I miss the camaraderie and politicians that can only be found in such establishments. Enjoy.

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