Dioni Tabbers Dutch Style Supermodel Topless Reveals in Glorious Black and White

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I love pretty much everything Dutch. Dutch treats, Dutch ovens, Dutch weed, I mean, Dutch ovens again. And, naturally, hot tall blonde Dutch girls with amazing racks who love to show off in magazine pictorials because they're proud and European.

Dioni Tabbers is the face and body of Aubade lingerie, but she decided to take a side detour out of the lingerie to reveal her absolutely perfect pert pair of funbags in Centrefold magazine. All melons are sweet, but some are forever in season, as is the case with Dioni's luscious lady curves. Sometimes, I see a pair of sweater puppies so outrageously hot, I spontaneously sob like a girl child. I'd like to think Dioni would appreciate such an emotionally raw gesture were we to meet, though I suspect she'd mostly just feel sorry for me then order her big Dutch boyfriend to drag me into the dyke. Sad, but true. Enjoy.

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