Elsa Hosk Goes Topless for GQ Romania

Swedish model Elsa Hosk let it all hang out in this photoshoot for GQ Romania. By "all" I mean her splendid Scandinavian funbags. She's got on some sort of bondagey looking thing with the boobtacular region cut out for our viewing pleasure. Elsa's Swedish meatballs are pretty much perfect. They are have slightly upturned nips that are all kinds of pokey. Her boobies are just the right size. They are the boobs Goldilocks would have chosen, not too big and not to small. They know how to put things together in Sweden to make them more sleek and stuff. In another photo, Elsa has on a tiny bikini. I mean tiny. Like, if you strung together all the fabric it might make a bandana. This allows yet another view of her lovely sideboobs.

I didn't even know there was a GQ in Romania. I wonder if they have spreads for fashionable werewolves and vampires? Maybe there are ads with Dracula for Bulova watches.

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