Frida Gustavsson Sultry Topless Shoot In No Name Magazine

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The lovely Scandinavian beauty Frida Gustavsson bared more than her soul in this topless shoot for No Name Magazine. Her pert ta-tas are out and about for your viewing pleasure. She is all kinds of nekkid in this spread, (tee-hee). While I am a man whose tastes lean more towards the big guns, as it were, I've always had a soft spot in my heart and pants for the smaller sized boobies. Frida would look ridiculous with a pair of gargantuan knockers hanging off of her thin frame. You've got to think about proportionality and Frida is very proportional. That's the wonders of Swedish ergonomic engineering. Frida is kind of like the sleekly designed stuff at IKEA only I'd much rather look at her Swedish meatballs than the gross ones in the IKEA cafeteria.

I think I'm going to get a subscription to No Name Magazine. I like the way they think.

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