Genevieve Morton Crazy Boobtastic Bikini Hot for Summer Swimwear Campaign

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Genevieve Morton truly is an underrated bikini hottie. Something strange to say perhaps for a model often featured in Sports Illustrated and European swimsuit magazines, but certainly in the U.S. the South African sextastic model hasn't gained the name recognition of many of her peers. It's time for that nonsense to end.

Featured in the new Nathan Paul Summer line of swimwear, Genevieve Morton pops off the page with such a hot body nearly uncovered, I want to beg summer to start today a day early. Just so smoking hot, Genevieve. I will get your name more widely known, if I have to scream it from the top of my lungs while we make sweet passionate love in a champagne shaped hot tub. To this I commit. Enjoy.

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