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Hana Jirickova Topless Euro Space Age For the Frenchy Version of Elle

If you happen to love your fashion models super Czech and super hot and just a tad bit topless and perfectly funbagged, then prepare to dig Hana Jirickova in the French version of Elle where ta-ta's are often unfurled if for no other reason than to laugh at the Puritanical Americans. I'm as patriotic as the next guy, but if European magazines want to stick it to our extreme modesty by way of exhibiting all their models without their tops on, then I'm prepared to suffer their indignant taunts. Especially when it means more girls like Hana flashing their hotness with a taste of sweet bare teat, like sweet icing on the world's most fappable cake.

Oh, sure, the tween-aged street bullies do taunt me when my Elle arrives at the front stoop. But how I taunt them back with the satisfaction of flipping through a women's fashion magazine loaded with barely dressed hotties. That's not really taunting I suppose, but there are so many of those little rapscallion skateboard artists around my place, I have to be careful. Hana, welcome to Egotastic! Enjoy.

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