Humpday Huzzah! Abbey Barnsley Topless Lingerie Sextasticular (Man, She Is So Hot, Santa, Please, For Christmas)

Abbey Barnsley and I have an ongoing lust affair. I'd like to think it's mutual, but I have to admit it mostly seems to be me ogling her ridiculously hot body and she not knowing who the hell I am, or caring. I could be reading that wrong, but I've become pretty good at knowing when I'm being disregarded. I don't even get the 'leave me alone, I own a gun and a dog' letters. I love those letters, often scented.

In her latest incarnation, Abbey is down to her panties and showing off the visual wonderments that make her one of my very favorite glamourous models from the Isle of England. She's a natural with those innocently naughty come hither glances that make me want to come hither ever so badly. I know you can't turn it off, Abbey, and I'd never ask you to. Huzzah!

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