Jehane 'Gigi' Paris Topless and Nekkid In and Out of Jeans on the Beach Part Deux (VIDEO)

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Sure, it's easy to pick on France. But it's even easier to look at their hot women and drool and imagine their accents nibbling in your ear. We've falled in lust with Jehane Gigi Paris around here this week, specifically her wondrous and topless, nay, nekkid hot pimping of the DSTLD jeans in this campaign for Treats magazine by the nearly as wondrous Steve Shaw.

Here's part two of the campaign, complete with a video that you really sort of have to watch if your eyeballs are working today. If they're connected to your happy regions, watch twice. Now, I have to apologize for 'the dude' in the shots, it's a Romeo and Juliet thing where I wish I could chop Romeo and just make sweet ogling sexy to Juliet, but they're quite close in their scenes together. Stupid men. Nevertheless, a must see. Enjoy.

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