Jehane Gigi Paris Topless Black and White and Hot All Over for DSTLD Jeans

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We got quite a rousing bit of positive response to French hottie model Jehane 'Gigi' Paris when we introduced the young but veteran model to the shores of Egotastic! last week. So I put on my thinking cap, not to be confused with me dunce cap, and I asked myself, hey, self, what can we do to up the ante that much more for our dedicated, loyal, and slightly deviant readers. I fell back on the old standard -- hot topless photos. It's the gift that never goes out of style.

DSTLD Jeans knows how to sell the pants. At least, speaking as a guy, if I were buying lady jeans, I'd go straight to them because they understand that the best way to pimp the denim is with crazy hot topless girls. There's some dude in there too, but let's ignore him as much as humanly possible as we shun him for the male model that he is. Meanwhile, we can examine, ogle, and otherwise treasure the faptastic teats of Gigi Paris. Just one outstandingly hot woman. Bless everyone involve on this, including outstanding photographer Steve Shaw. Enjoy.

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