Jehane 'Gigi' Paris Topless Natural Frenchie Goodness

Mon dieu!  Or something like that. Jehane 'Gigi' Paris is one hot French model. I'm just going to call her Gigi for now, since she both prefers it and it's the name I kept calling out in my sleep last night after first seeing these Chris Shintani shot glamour shots of the Gallic sextasitc. For those of you who write in with pleas to see more naturally woman bodies, Gigi presents a small topped quite alluring female form in black and white and color versions of visions of delight.

Whenever I see a hot girl topless for the first time, I still get a little nervous feeling in my stomach. It's my inner spying schoolboy I suppose that will never go away. I used to think that feeling was a liability, now I realize it's something to cherish. It's like the dinner bell ringing for something super tasty. Like Gigi Paris. Enjoy.

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