Joanna May Parker Topless Black Lingerie Striptease for the Discreet Gentleman Ogler

Outside of the wallpaper (okay, shame me), I love everything about this splendid pictorial from London glamour and fashion model Joanna May Parker. It has all the elements I love in a photo set: hot girl, lingerie, lingerie comes off. That's about the full domain of my requests in these artistic matters. Joanna has a body built for show, and while it's forever titillating to see a lovely lass in her skivvies and silkies, it's even finer when those drop to the floor and boom boom boom, out go the lights.

Every day of the week here on Egotastic! we celebrate the most boobtastic and alluring among us. Joanna May Parker makes my cockles feel warm, which could be an alarming sensation to the less experienced, but trust me, revel in it. It's the highest form of flattery. Enjoy.

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