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Jodie Gasson Has Topless Adventure In The Desert

UK model Jodie Gasson showed off her twin peaks in the rocky wilderness of the desert. She starts off wearing a cropped shirt that doesn't cover the bottom of her ginormous sand dunes. But she's so very hot, so she pours water all over her shirt. But now her shirt is wet! Oh, no! What else can she do but take it off? Would you sit around with a soaking wet shirt? Of course not. Jodie's jugs are a sight to behold. They are without a doubt some of the best, most glorious funbags I've seen in a while and it's my job to study the female boobtacular region. She then strips down to her panties and coquettishly pretends like she's going to take them off. Jodie is a naughty girl.

I was out in the desert recently but I didn't see any topless girls like Jodie. There were some lizards and dudes selling turquoise jewelry though.

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