Kendall Jenner Topless Kinda Sorta For Interview Magazine

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It's not the topless we've been hoping to see these seven long months now since Kendall Jennerhas turned eighteen, but we are definitely getting closer. Let's put it this way, Kendall is definitely now shooting topless. Although her hands and arms are up and blocking her good bits still, I dare you to hold up your hands and arms in the air and hold them. They get tired. This can't possibly go on much longer for her. Not to mention sneaky peek outtakes which must exist somewhere.

Featured in the new edition of Interview magazine, Kendall does put on the typical topless covered model pose down, proving that she not only has the looks and body and birthright to be a model, but she's got the finer points down as well. I suspect she'll go pretty far in this world, though hopefully not too much farther without first lowering her hands. Enjoy.

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