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Kristy Althaus Miss Teen Colorado Runner Up Topless In New Adult Movie

There really are not adult 'movies' any more I suppose. A series of scenes. While I miss the ancient art of the full length adult erotic fare, not to mention bush, it's hard to quibble with the straight up efficiency in delivery methods of the modern adult erotic clip format. And, I guess Kristy Althaus who was stripped of her title as runner up in the Miss Teen Colorado pageant for doing a little eighteen and needing some cash adult work, has come back with volume two. I think it's called, the Return of Almost Miss Teen Colorado or something like that. There's one note to, well, note -- Kristy Althaus is extremely hot. This is one good looking young lady who has chosen the path of the dramatic moaning arts. Ring the heavenly bells.

Here's a few caps of the topless Kristy Althaus from her new video. You can also see her second adult video intro interview on WWTDD. Enjoy.

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